Don’t Waste Your Time

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Hi there, its Dermot here again, How are you all this week?

Don’t Waste Your Time


As the title says, “Don’t Waste Your Time”. Now time is the most precious resource that we have and we cannot afford to waste any of it.

Time is our most precious resource
Time is our most precious resource

Online Time

Now in the context of this blog, the time I am talking about is “online time”, or time that you have spare or assigned to all things internet related. Have you ever found yourself getting totally absorbed by the internet and before you know it, hours have passed and it’s 1:00 a.m. and you should be in your bed?

When you look back, ask yourself how much have you done or achieved or did you just spend your time aimlessly browsing the web?

Before I was introduced to online marketing, I used to spend at least 3 – 4 hours a day, playing games, looking at Gmail, Facebook & Youtube, quite easily. So when I first signed up to an affiliate programme, I thought that I’d have plenty of time to build my online business as well as being a parent to young children, a husband and working a 40+ hour week.


I set aside 20 hours a week minimum as a goal, for my online work. Great in theory, not so in reality. Life is life and it is not straightforward, especially when you have a family, a full-time job and other commitments.

  • My family takes my first priority, as I feel blessed to have them, so that is my choice.
  • My job helps to pay the bills and keep my family so that also has to take priority and for the moment, as much as I wish differently, have to be held on to.
  • Other commitments, tend to get in the way, as always they are here and now, urgent and have to be sorted.
  • Finally, my fledgling online business falls in last, although it is my passion and I want it to be my future.

Sometimes, that makes me feel resentful and frustrated, as I want to progress in my online business, but feel that I can’t due to all my other commitments. I sometimes wish I could escape somewhere just to get on with it. When I feel like this I then tend to……


Research says that we spend at least 3 hours of every working day procrastinating. When, like me, you are struggling to find the time, its a frightening thought to think that 3 precious hours are spent doing nothing or thinking about doing something, and doing nothing and then due to this feeling very anxious because we are doing nothing. Sucks don’t it. 

What to do now?

Well, the main thing is not to give up, and I won’t, as I’ve come to accept that this is a long-term investment and it will have to take as long as it takes. Having faith, staying committed, perseverance, focus and patience are all character building attributes, which go a long way in building character. This is the ongoing value that I am experiencing on my online journey, so even though I am not earning or making a living yet, I am pushing my own boundaries and comfort zone.

My mentors did say, time again that ironically, what a laptop lifestyle would give you: Time, money and freedom, it will initially take away from you as that is what you will have to sacrifice to get it up and running.

Keep calm & carry on
Keep Calm

Be in it for the long haul

We live in a society where instant gratification is an expectation, not a welcome reward. “We want it and we want it now” But remember anything new does take time to learn and implement and you have to give that time, time. However, you have to also learn to balance that time well with everything. I’ve seen people who have:

  • Jumped into online marketing, full swing and spent every last minute at it.
  • It has paid off for some, but might not be sustainable. “Easy come easy go”.
  • The majority have become disheartened as they haven’t begun to see the results as fast as they expected and given up.
  • It’s not about what you can get, but what you can give. You need a mindset and attitude adjustment, that does take time to do.
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Never allow yourself to feel guilty, if you feel you are not doing enough
  • Above all, focus on what you have achieved and not on what you have yet to do. Looking up the mountain will only cause overwhelm.
  • Do not compare yourself to other people, everyone’s journey is different and unique to them. I did this in the beginning and almost gave up due to it.
  • If a person is ahead of you, don’t feel envy, but ask for help. You will be surprised at just how helpful online communities are. 
  • We all have value to give.

Don't Give Up

Spend your time well

At the end of the day, we only do get one life, one crack at the whip, there is no dress rehearsal here so its best to make the most of it. We can’t stop it, we can’t go back and we daren’t fast forward it. I am sure we can all be agreed on this? 

  • Live life to the fullest and don’t waste your time worrying about superficial stuff that in the bigger scheme of things, means nothing.
  • Laugh, Love & Live.
  • Spend as much time with loved ones, especially your family and kids as you can.
  • Do things that excite you, live to the fullest.
  • Non of us know when it could end, don’t die with regrets, or “With the music still in you” (Wayne Dyer)
  • Steve Jobs, final words sum up life’s preciousness so beautifully 
Call to Action
Call to Action

To Sum Up

Now Affiliate Marketing might not be for everyone, but my suggestion to you is to just watch the 7-day video series by the co-founders, Stuart & Jay, and decide from there. The video series is free, very interesting and will show you, at least, just what opportunities are available online. I’ll leave you to decide.
I wish you a happy day, Take Care.

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