What is Dermot on about?

Hi there, it’s Dermot here, I just want to take a moment and introduce to you what my website is all about, if you will hear me out, or at least read a bit further….. 


I came to blogging through affiliate marketing, as I became passionate about helping myself and others with their ongoing journey in life.

Marketing has evolved since the birth or the internet and the whole ethos and purpose of affiliate marketing is to provide value first to people and then help them through their onward journey.

Limited are the days of cold calling and door to door sales.

What I want-

My dream is to help introduce people, like me, to the wonderful world wide web and the opportunities the “Online” World can offer.

Life as we know it, like technology, is changing and changing rapidly, and unfortunately, a majority of the “offline” world or our current employers are not aware of this change, thus are not preparing us for it.

It is not a sudden change, but there is no denying it, it is happening all around us. If we keep burying our heads in the sand, one day we could all be made redundant if we don’t change too.

In my own Career as an Addiction Counsellor/ Recovery Coach, I have seen that people do struggle with life, especially after treatment and in early recovery and even longer. Life is challenging and we continue to paddle upstream, against the current.

Boredom, insecurity & a lack of direction and goals can lead to a state of depression, lethargy, and subsequent relapse. The whole old life cycle continues, ever progressing and getting worse

Can you let it continue?

Like me, many of you have been caught up in the unconditional rat race of life and have found that due to this you have come to neglect yourself, your family, have had little time to socialize, are working from paycheque to paycheque in jobs that are not that secure anymore.

Do you do this out of Love or a sense of duty? No, you do it out of fear. You are fearful that if you don’t tow the line, your job could go and everything with it. You are afraid to come out of your comfort zone and are “content” to just survive from one day to the next, hoping and praying that nothing will rock your little boat.

Please, don’t repeat History.

My father and his father before him, put their careers first and at the end of the day ended up missing a lot of their lives, including their families. I have been fortunate enough to see that “rat race” for what it is and will no longer be willing to live it. Have you come to see this in your own life? Are you prepared to continue living this way or are you willing to change?

I am on my own journey and have decided it would be a challenge to help you find an option and even Career through online digital marketing and along the way, and at the same time, be helping myself.

Let’s go

Are you willing to paddle downstream with me, take a chance and even allow yourself to enjoy your life?

Click the link below and meet “My Mentors” and let them tell you how.

Life is a Journey, Enjoy the ride

Or you can get in touch with me by leaving me your contact details below.

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